Hi to all,

My name is Michel Ladouceur and I am a graduate student at the
School of Physical and Occupational Therapy of McGill University.
Our lab is interested in analysing the walking pattern of spinal
cord injured persons (SCI). The main objective of my research is to
look at the changes occuring in the control of going over obstacles
during an on-going FES-assisted walking training program.

Until very recently the evaluation session were not very hard and
subjects did not sweat. However, with a new experimental setup the
subjects are beginning to sweat during the evaluation session which
causes our marker attachments to fall off.

I would like to ask if anyone has had that experience with any kind
of subjects and what was the solution to that problem?

Michel Ladouceur, PhD(c)
McGill University
School of P.& O.T.
3630 Drummond, Room 105
Montreal (Quebec)
H3G 1Y5

Tel: 514.398.4519
Fax: 514.398.8193
e-mail: gsml@physocc.lan.mcgill.ca

...it is true that my tactic is to make sweeping categorical
statements. Whether or not this is a fault ... is debatable. My own
feeling is that it leads more quickly to the solution of scientific
problems than a cautious sitting on the fence.

E. Mayr, _The Growth of Biological Thought_, Harvard University
Press, 1982, p. 9