Dear Biomechanists,

Last week I requested information from you hand biomechanists on a good
text to use for a new PhD level Occupational Biomechanics of the upper
extremity course to be taught in an IE/Ergonomics curriculum. Thank you
all for replying. Below is a summary of the texts that were
recommended, the second one having been metioned by almost everyone who
replied (I have included all of the relevant info I could get necessary
for getting these texts from the publisher or library):

"Basic Biomechanics of the Musculoskeletal System, 2nd edition." by Margareta
Nordin and Victor H. Frankel. Lea and Febiger, Philadelphia, PA
(Chapter: "Biomechanics of the Hand" by FJ Bejjani and JMF Landsmeer),
ISBN 08121-1227-x.

"Biomechanics of the Hand: A basic research study" by E.Y.S. Chao, K-N. An,
W.P. Cooney III, and R.L. Linscheid, World Scientific, Singapore, 1989.

"Biomechanics of the Wrist Joint", by K-N An, R.A. Berger, and W.P. Cooney III
ed., Springer-Verlag, 1991.

"Clinical Mechanics of the Hand, 2nd edition", by P. Brand and A. Hollister Mosby
Year Book Inc. St. Louis, MO, 1993, ISBN 0-8016-6978-2.

"Hand pain and impairment, 4th ed." by R. Cailliet. Philadelphia : Davis,

"Kaplan's Functional and surgical anatomy of the hand, 3rd ed." by Emanuel B.
Kaplan. Philadelphia : Lippincott, 1984.

"The Grasping Hand" by C.L. MacKenzie and T. Iberall (1994).
Amsterdam: North-Holland (Elsevier Science).
ISBN 0-444-81746-8 500 pages
(computational, and experimental approaches - not biomechanics per se)

"The Hand", by Raoul Tubiana. Philadelphia : Saunders, 1981.

>From Alan Wing, MRC Applied Psychology Unit, Cambridge, UK
; Authors of books on control
of the hand:

Iberall and MacKenzie (new authored book)
Castiello and Bennett (new edited book)
Napier (new edition of a coffee table book)
Tubiana (edited book for hand surgeons with probably the highest
biomech content)
Hand and Brain; this is a book I am coediting right now which
will appear with Academic Press early 1996

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