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Good Morning everyone, or is it Evening now???

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  • Good Morning everyone, or is it Evening now???

    Hi everyone - I'm new on this list. I guess maybe I'll introduce myself
    - My name is Jill, I'm in River Fall, Wisconsin (pop. 10,000). I go to school
    here, I have 2 majors computer science/ communicative disorders.

    I asked a question from another list I was on and one of the people told
    me to post it to this list.

    I went to the doctor on Monday with what I thought was an ear infection (i've
    had alot of ear infections so I figured I know what they feel like). Well the
    doctor looked in my ears and after about 30 seconds told me that I don't have
    any ear infection that this is most certainly TMJ. I have never heard of this,
    so what I want to know is what it is and if it's worth going to see a different
    doctor about it or if it's some kind of totally bogus thing??? I haven't
    decided if I trust those student health doctors or not ( but my ears sure do

    Anyhow any information that anyone can give me on TMJ would be greatly
    appreciated. THANK YOU.

    Jill "Am I really here or is this a figment of my imagination??"