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  • remote backup software free report

    Dear Friend,
    Since you are someone who reads E-Mail, I thought
    you might be interested in getting a free copy of an
    unusual report. This report, entitled " Remote Backup
    Services ", describes a revolutionary new data service
    you could offer to businesses in your community.
    Did you know that anyone with a PC, a modem,and
    a telephone line could perform off-site data backups
    for local businesses? Recent advances in high-speed
    modems now make this a profitable venture. This service
    can generate thousands of dollars, per phone line, per
    month ( while the RBS operator is at home, asleep ). It
    can even run unattended, for days or weeks at a time.
    There's more to explain. So we've set up a 24-hour
    automated Info/Faxback Hotline. (For best results, call
    from your fax machine or a phone connected to your
    fax/modem, and be ready to receive faxes. The number is :

    ( 714 ) 495 - 7949 Select Report # 01 .

    Best Regards,

    S. Conroy
    Golden Lantern Data

    P.S. By the way, there is no obligation.