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    Thanks to everybody who replied! Unfortunately Patria did not reply
    herself. Some of you might have thought I am using BIOMCH-L
    improperly for dating purposes. But I really need to know how I can
    reach Patria because I must make reservations and some arrangements
    for her visit here at the Sports University in December. I just
    didn't want the message to look too seriously related to work and
    tried to scintillate some humerous attitude into your everyday life.
    But I understand and accept that not everybody has a similar sense of
    According to custom I include a summary of all responses that came in.
    There were two messages marked as replies to my request which I
    could not read. If there is a chance to repeat the distribution
    plaese do not hesitate.

    Dear Axel!
    I think that it is very rude to use this network for
    partner search. Please use some dating service. this is not a place
    for such messages

    *................................................. ....................
    * " There are no shortcuts to any place worth going....."

    *================================================= ====================
    * Professor Arkady Voloshin
    * Department of Mechanical phone: 610-758-
    4118 *
    * Engineering and Mechanics fax: 610-758-
    6224 *
    * Lehigh University email:
    * 19 Memorial Drive West
    * Bethlehem, PA 18015 USA

    ================================================== ====================


    Sorry, never heard of her. But, a similar thing happened
    to me once... :{)

    Best of Luck,
    ******************** ||
    Brett M. Lee, Ph.D. ||--------------------
    Leisure Studies and Physical Education || \ -- /
    Christopher Newport University \ -- /
    Newport News, VA 23606 ||
    O: 804/594-7617 H: 804/874-8835 F:804/594-7772 || / \
    ************************* _/ \_


    hello Axel,

    Ich weiss zwar nicht, wo Patria zu finden ist, ich hoffe jedoch,
    dass Deine Interessen rein wissenschaftlicher Natur sind. Ansonsten
    waere das ganze eine "nicht zulaessige Nutzung der Biomch-L". Ich
    wuensche Dir trotz allem viel Erfolg bei Aufstoebern der jungen Dame.
    Gruesse von Lutz

    free translation:
    hello axel
    I do not know where Patria is right now, but I assume for your
    sake that your interests for her are based on a purely scientific
    background. Otherwise you would have abused BIOMCH-L. However I wish
    you success in putting up the young lady.
    Greetings from Lutz