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  • Re: remote backup software advertisement

    >Just another suggestion on this topic:
    >What about denying access to the list for companies violating the
    >netiquette? this could probably be done by looking at the senders
    >e-mail address or at the hostname and redirecting the postings
    >originating from violators to /dev/null!

    Not a bad idea, but the problem is that we don't seem to get repeat
    offenders. What seems to happen is every now and again someone with more
    ambition that brains thinks that it's a good idea to use a mailing list to
    send junk solicitations, and he is quickly disabused of that notion by
    grouchy email replies and/or complaints to his system administrator.

    Anybody got an idea on how we can screen these varmints out?

    Mitchell Maltenfort Northwestern University

    I can answer any question. "I don't know" is an answer. "I don't know
    yet" is a better answer.