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Video System Erasures

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  • Video System Erasures

    I have a Peak Performance video analysis system in my lab and the VCR with
    this system is malfunctioning. As I digitize a trial, the VCR is
    simultaneously erasing the videotape images. If I try to view a
    previously digitized portion of the videotape, only static or "noise"
    appears on the video monitor. Has anyone had this problem before? If so,
    how did you solve it? This VCR is approximately 7 years old, is this an
    indicator that it needs to be replaced? Any insights or comments would be

    Additionally, based on previous postings to BIOMCH-L, it is apparent that
    a large number of researchers have a Peak Performance video analysis
    system in their lab. Is there an interest in forming a separate bulletin
    board to answer technical questions, problems, etc. associated with the
    Peak system? Or will these problems be general enough to be applicable to
    the biomechanics community at-large and as such, 'BIOMCH-L' is the
    appropriate forum for questions related to the Peak Performance system?
    Again, any comments or discussion would be welcomed.

    As is customary, I will post responses.

    Michael Feltner

    Dept. of Sports Medicine & Physical Ed.
    Pepperdine University
    Malibu, CA 90263 USA
    (Office) 1-310-456-4312
    (FAX) 1-310-456-4426