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useful mail vs. junk mail

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  • useful mail vs. junk mail

    Dear biomch-l netters,

    I thought I would take the time to post a quick sample of the responses I
    received after posting the message below, especially since other
    "advertising" came across about the same time. I am hoping this may help
    others decide what is "disseminating useful information" and what is "junk
    mail". I deleted all the names, save for the moderator's message. Thank you
    for all your comments.

    On Tue, 15 Nov 1994, Julianne Abendroth-Smith wrote:

    > Hi biomch-L netters;
    > Thank you to all who have responded with interest about the
    > labs. I personally would like to know what other "small potato" professors
    > are developing to help in their teaching and research endeavors, so those
    > of us without much funding would have other sources to turn to.
    > How does the network feel about this? If it is too close to
    > advertising, again I apologize for the space I have taken up.

    Here is a summary- all positive, by the way, so we have a much more
    friendly group than we sometimes give each other credit for - at least when
    we use the network appropriately.


    I don't think this is too close to advertising. This is news,
    and Biomch-L is a good medium to disseminate such information.
    The tone of the message is very important, though. And the
    length. You may have noticed Gideon Ariel's messages in the
    past. This kind of advertising was not tolerated on Biomch-L.

    -- Ton van den Bogert, Biomch-L moderator

    Regarding the individual who complained about advertising a commercial product
    on the network: I'm on your side. I think there is a void in the area of unde
    rgraduate biomechanics labs, and many individuals are looking for help
    in this area. Whether commercial or not, people need to know what's out there

    ..think that advertisement of educational material is not inappropriate use of
    Biomch-l, although some of our more 'uptight' colleagues do. This community
    is in dire need of good educational material.

    If that isn't what the network is for than what is it for?

    I, personally, saw nothing wrong with your message to Biomech-L. Of
    course, my shorts probably aren't starched as much as most people on the
    mailing list.

    As a biomch-l subscriber and scientist at a small, underfunded,
    undergraduate University, I have been looking forward to your
    findings concerning the 'small potatoes' labs. There are a lot
    more of 'us' out there than there are of the 'big kahunas'. The
    purpose of our work, i.e., education more than research, is so
    vital that its importance is self-evident. In other words, I
    think that your use of Biomch-l is entirely appropriate.

    ..I did not even think that your advertisement was commercial. I
    perceived it as more of a sharing of information. Finally, I think the
    general comments by the moderators were not directed towards you. I think
    they were directed towards the posting yesterday (I can't even remember
    what it was about because I deleted it). It was about something that was
    obviously commercial when I read it. So hang in there, and don't be
    discouraged or intimindated into not
    posting something that may be of interest or valuable to a lot of us out

    I particularly like the "small potato professors" :-)

    You are absolutely right!

    Thanks again for the feedback.

    Julianne Abendroth-Smith, EdD
    Utah State University
    Dept. of HPER
    Logan UT 84322-7000

    (801) 797-1486
    Fax: (801) 797-3759