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    To biomch-l subscribers:

    Recently, Xuguang WANG wrote:

    >As the BIOMCH-L is essentially a scientific discussion forum, I think it is
    >>better not to publish these replies because of its possible commercial
    >nature. >Consequently, I will not publish the resume of the replies I
    >received. Perhaps >it is worth discussing the following question: Is it
    >appropriate to publish any >proposals in BIOMCH-L which could have a
    >commercial effect on a product?

    Marco Viceconti has responded by suggesting that comments from users
    on products of various sorts were valuable for biomch-l subscribers.

    I agree completely with Marco. It seems to me that the view put forward
    by Xuguang Wang, if taken to its logical conclusion, would result in
    biomch-l becoming a very bland non-discussion forum. Everyone would
    have to analyze their comments to see if there was any possible
    commercial affect before they were sent and the moderators would
    have to be working overtime to exclude accidental commercial

    I think that the spirit of the "non-commercial" aspect of biomch-l
    is that the list should not be deliberately used for commercial
    exploitation. Naturally that principle would:

    1. exclude advertising
    2. exclude one company saying negative things about a rival
    product for commercial gain.

    However, I don't believe that user's comments, even if they might
    have a positive or negative affect on sales, should be excluded.
    I think a good example of desirable discussion is that which has
    taken place over the last few months on Peak products. No-one
    has suggested that comments about problems with one or two
    Peak products should be excluded because they might have a
    negative effect on Peak sales.

    More discussion anyone?....esp. from the moderators?


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