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  • Peak Perf. Video Erasures - Replies

    On Tue, 22 Nov 1994 12:26:37 -0800
    I posted the following message


    I have a Peak Performance video analysis system in my lab and the VCR with
    this system is malfunctioning. As I digitize a trial, the VCR is
    simultaneously erasing the videotape images. If I try to view a
    previously digitized portion of the videotape, only static or "noise"
    appears on the video monitor. Has anyone had this problem before? If so,
    how did you solve it? This VCR is approximately 7 years old, is this an
    indicator that it needs to be replaced? Any insights or comments would be

    Additionally, based on previous postings to BIOMCH-L, it is apparent that
    a large number of researchers have a Peak Performance video analysis
    system in their lab. Is there an interest in forming a separate bulletin
    board to answer technical questions, problems, etc. associated with the
    Peak system? Or will these problems be general enough to be applicable to
    the biomechanics community at-large and as such, 'BIOMCH-L' is the
    appropriate forum for questions related to the Peak Performance system?
    Again, any comments or discussion would be welcomed.


    Based upon the replies, it appears that there is a consensus for keeping
    discussions related to the Peak Performance system on BIOMCH-L.

    As regards my personal VCR problem, I am currently wearing my knee pads
    and will be in my chairperson's office tomorrow morning begging for money
    for a new VCR, software, etc. The current VCR has been well-maintained
    (serviced yearly) and has become increasingly problematic. As I cannot
    risk accidentally erasing anymore videotapes and losing data (and I
    thought LOCAMs were frustrating), replacing the VCR seems to be the
    best, albeit most expensive solution. Thanks to all who replied.

    Replies follow. Header information and personal comments have been deleted.

    From: vilensk@CVAX.IPFW.INDIANA.EDU

    I think it would be useful to have a bulletin board for Peak users.

    Joel Vilensky
    Indiana University


    Hi, Michael,
    it sounds that you got the same problem as I had when I was at the University
    of Iowa. There is a Peak system in the sport biomechanics laboratory at the
    University of Iowa. Couple years ago, we found that sometimes the digitizing
    cursor erased the image on the screen when we moved the cursor. We asked
    Peak Perforemance but did not get the problem solved. However, we found that
    the problem was gone if we keep the system on for a while, or switch the
    board in the computer from one slot to another. No explanation for any of
    these methods but they worked. Good luck.

    Bing Yu, Ph.D.
    Orthopedic Biomechanics Laboratory
    Mayo Clinic
    Rochester, MN 55905

    From: Michael Lee

    At this stage I don't think BIOMCH-L is being inundated with "Peak"
    issues, and I would like to vote to keep the discussion in
    BIOMCH-L. People who may buy a Peak system in the future could
    well be interested in "listening in" on your discussion.

    | Michael Lee |
    | Department of Biomedical Sciences |
    | Faculty of Health Sciences |
    | University of Sydney |
    | PO Box 170 |
    | Lidcombe, NSW, 2141 |
    | Australia |
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    Comment: That's an OLD machine! One possibility is that there is a fault
    in the video circuits causing erasure. Get it checked QUICK!
    As for an indicator, most machines have a timer of some sort in them. In
    the AG7330 for example, it is part of the menu displays. In the old SONY
    Umatics (type 5) they used a "thermometer" display, with a 1000 hour range.
    They mostly get reset in service because they show the Head to Tape run
    time, important for video head life. My experience suggests that the PEAK
    is very critical of the tape machine and it is worth keeping it in top
    condition, with replacements and alignments at intervals less than the
    manufacturer's recommendations.

    Persuade [sic] your accountants to let you buy a new VCR.

    There is certainly a need for Technical discussion of the merits and
    problems with measuring systems, including the PEAK. I certainly subscribe
    to this list to pick out and respond to technical/engineering topics,
    because that is my particular field. However, there is a need also for the
    academic community to see that the measuring systems have problems that are
    common to lots of users. After all, these are the people who want to buy
    these things. Asking the existing user base is surely a valuable part of
    the purchase process. This contact would get lost if the PEAK alone moved
    to a different discussion group.

    John Yelland


    A further comment: Peak Performance Technologies have read my postings
    about the PEAK video system problems and have a Compuserve address:

    "Peak Performance Tech."

    John Yelland

    From: John Scholz

    I can't help you with your current problem, but I too am
    a PEAK user and would be interested in a bulletin board
    of PEAK users.
    John Scholz

    From: Ray Smith

    We have at present two PEAK analysis configurations. Both of which are
    using a Panasonic AG7350 super VHS video machines. The machines do get
    serviced after 500 hrs running time and so far we have not had any major
    problems with these machines. Your problem seems to be a major fault, is it
    with the video player itself or with the remote access that runs the
    machine (via the software). We have had several problems with early
    software, but nothing a drastic as erasure. Could you let me know what type
    of video machine you are using and the conclusion to your problem. I would
    aslo be interested in joining a Peak Users List as I have several failed
    communications with the actual company.

    Ray Smith


    Michael--it sounds like your VCR is going into record mode when commanded
    from the VCR controller board in your computer. A quick fix might be to
    remove the plastic tab on the tape cassette which should lock out any
    recording to the tape.

    With regards to Peak Performance users and Biomch-L, such questions would
    seem to have as large an interest base within the net as many other
    postings. I'd vote for posting on Biomch-L.

    Gerald Smith
    Biomechanics Lab
    Oregon State University
    Corvallis, OR 97331

    From: Gideon Ariel

    A video system must allow for grabbing the frame first to the hard
    disk in digital form and then adjust the base line to eliminate
    distortion. A system that rely on mechanical heads will never satisfy a
    proper research. Especially, when you seperate fields from the frame,
    you must give attention to the distortion caused by shifting.
    Good Luck

    Gideon Ariel

    From: "William L. Siler, Ph.D."

    No, we have had no problems with our VCR in terms of erasing any thing.
    Yes, we would be interested in a bulletin board for Peak users.


    William L. Siler, Ph.D.
    Dept of Physical Therapy
    Saint Louis Uninersity
    1504 S. Grand
    St. Louis, MO 63104-1395 USA
    From: Barry Munkasy

    I'm in!!

    Interesting problem. I didn't think that was possible since the write
    heads, I thought, should not be engaged during reading. By the way, if
    you end up needing to purchase another, I DO NOT recommend the Panasonic
    AG - 7350. It is very annoying to use. Peak is now using a Sanyo
    VCR for digitizing. Dawn got them with her purchase, but I haven't had
    a chance to try them yet.



    I think that Peak has enough quirks of its own to warrant a separate
    users group to try to help each other. I must say, that I have not
    encountered your problem of tape erasings though.

    Best regards,

    Brad McFadyen

    Bradford J. McFadyen, Ph.D. u
    Departement de kinanthropologie q
    Universite du Quebec a Montreal a
    CP 8888, Succ. Centre-ville m
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada *
    H3C 3P8 u
    Tel: (514)987-4454 q
    Fax: (514)987-6616 a
    E-mail: m

    From: James Dowling

    I can not help you with the tape erasure problem but I can say that we
    find the Peak system to be hard on VCRs. We have had numerous problems
    with the tape transport mechanisms especially when we used the older
    versions that would only capture two frames in the manual mode before
    moving the tape again. It may be time to replace the VCR. My main
    reason for replying is to say that I think BIOMCH-L is probably adequate
    for addressing Peak problems without setting up a special bulletin
    board. However, if someone was to do such a thing and look after it, I
    would subscribe to it.

    Jim Dowling
    Department of Kinesiology
    McMaster University
    Hamilton, Ontario L8S 4K1

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    From: Tibor Hortobagyi

    Please, let me know about responses. We have not had any such problems
    before, though. T.

    Tibor Hortobagyi
    251 Sports Medicine Bldg.
    East Carolina University
    Greenville, NC 27858
    Phone (919) 328-4564
    Email: Hphortob at ecuvm1

    From: Steve Mccaw

    Hi Mike: Sorry to hear of your problems. I have a Peak system, it is only a
    year old, and we have had no problems of the sort you mention.

    It would be nice to have a Peak discussion group. Since so many are already
    enrolled with BIOMCH-L, this is an appropriate place to hold the discussion.
    Perhaps all we need to do is use PEAK as the subject when posting an

    Steve McCaw
    Dept of HPERD
    5120 Illinois State University
    Normal, Ill 61790-5120
    Phone (309)438-5307 Fax: (309)438-5559 e-mail SMCCAW@ILSTU.EDU

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    Michael Feltner

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