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  • Digitizing Video

    Hi Biomechanics Co-researchers:
    I am currently conducting spine stabilization research: bending/compression
    testing on frozen specimens.
    As a mechanism for collecting data on displacements/rotations of an
    individual vertebra, I am converting VHS or 8mm video to digital images and
    then analyzing the images. (I realize using digital cameras is a superior
    method, but costly!) The motion I am tracking is slow (ie., 75mm/minute).
    I am currently using frame-grabbing softawre on a Mac computer, but am
    interested in other software that has been used successfully in the field.
    Does anyone know of FREE software that can digitize video images for
    MS-DOS, UNIX or Macintosh computers?

    Thank you.
    Kurt R. Eberl

    Please respond to the following and I will publish a summary of the findings:
    Kurt R. Eberl
    Biomechanics of the Spine
    Los Alamos National Laboratory/University of New Mexico