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  • ISB XV up-date

    Dear Biomechanists:

    The organization of the XVth Congress of the International Society of
    Biomechanics (ISB XV) is approaching its most critical phase. We have
    slightly more than 6 months before the Congress dates of July 2 - 6,
    l995. The congress takes place in a beautiful city of Jyvaskyla in
    Central Finland.
    We have circulated the Final Announcement for biomechanists around
    the world. In addition E-MAIL messages have been sent regularily to
    many colleagues having access to respective networks. For this reason
    we are summarizing here the most important highlights of the congress:

    1. Invited highlights:

    Wartenweiler Memorial Lecture:
    David A. Winter (Waterloo, Canada)
    "Total Body Kinetics: Our Window into the Synergies of
    Human Movement"
    Muybridge Lecture:
    Savio L-Y. Woo (Pittsburgh, USA)
    "Ligament Biomechanics - Historical Prospectives and
    New Frontiers"
    Presidential Address:
    Ronald F. Zernicke (President of ISB)
    "Functional Adaptation of Bone"

    2. Invited keynote speakers

    Roger Bartlett (Manchester, England)
    "Current Issues in Biomechanics of Athletic Activities"
    Roger Enoka (Cleveland, USA)
    "Neural Adaptations with Chronic Physical Activity"
    Tetsuo Fukunaga (Tokyo, Japan)
    "Muscle Architecture and Muscle Function in Humans"
    Stuart McGill (Waterloo, Canada)
    "Spinal Modelling and Spinal Mechanics"
    Guenter Rau (Aachen, Germany)
    "Nonivasive Approach to Motor Unit Characterization:
    Membrane Dynamics, Muscle Structure and Neural Control"

    3. Changed Deadline for abstract submission,

    Due to some misunderstandings among the biomechanists the Deadline
    for abstracts submission has been changed. The scientific committee of
    the ISB XV is expecting the abstacts be submitted no later than January
    15th 1995. This very final deadline is thus the same as with the Vth International
    Symposium on Computer Simulation in Biomechanics to be held as a
    satellite event for the ISB XV. However, the organizing staff of the ISB XV
    will definitively keep the rest of the time table: Notification for the authors
    will be given no later than March 15th; Deadline for preferential fee will be
    April 15th; Deadline for registration by mail is June 1st; the ISB XVth will
    open on July the 2nd 1995.

    4. Contact address
    ISB XV Congress
    MS Tiina Multasuo
    University of Jyvaskyla
    Jyvaskyla Congresses
    P.O.Box 35
    fax: + 358 41 603621
    Tel: + 358 41 603664

    Kari L. Keskinen, Ph.D., P.T.
    Fax: + 358 - 41 - 602031
    Tel: + 358 - 41 - 602056
    University of Jyvaskyla
    Department of Biology of Physical Activity
    Aquatics Research Laboratory
    P.O. Box 35
    FIN-40351 Jyvaskyla