Dear Biomch-L Subscriber:
This note is to share some positive experience regarding Video
analysis on the Internet.
We were successful in our laboratory in transmitting video images
in GIF format on the WWW from Israel to California and back. These
images from 2 video cameras at 60 Hz were digitized and transform to 3D
to yield acceptable results for biomechanical research. The test
conducted utilized falling golf ball and moving Pyramid to check the
accuracy in transmission over the Internet. The Gravitational
acceleration was measured between 9.6 to 10.1 meter per second per
second. The smoothing algorithm used was a quintic spline. For the
pyramid dimension the error was measured up to 4 mm for 2x2x1 meters
physical dimension.
This experiment shows that in the future a real time video pictures
will be transmitted from sites such as the Olympic Games for immediate
analysis on the Internet and results could be transmitted back to any
location. Of course, with the introduction of digital video the process
will be even better.
Have a Merry Christmas and happy Holidays
Gideon Ariel, Ph.D.