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(fwd) Interesting friction problem

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  • (fwd) Interesting friction problem

    I just thought I would pass this on from a newsgroup. It might be
    interesting to some of the subscribers. (Tivers) writes:

    > We are training racing thoroughbreds on high speed treadmills--fast
    > conveyor belts with rubber surfaces. ...
    > The belt gradually climbs to a temperature of 100F and stops getting
    > warmer at that point, but the shoes of the horse (steel, aluminum,
    > titanium, and plastic shoes have been tried, as well as bare feet)
    > continue to become hotter and hotter until, at 4 miles of 3:00 rate
    > work, we've seen temperatures as high as 240F. this heat buildup is
    > probably pathologic at 120F and up, since nails travel through the
    > shoes and into the sensitive laminae of the hoof. We are getting
    > numerous necroses of the feet of these horses, although a single
    > episode doesn't seem to bring on much in the way of trouble. Gallop 5
    > miles for a week, though, and we're down for a month with that horse.
    > Tom Ivers
    > Windy Ridge Farm
    > (206) 837-3700 PM (206) 835-9344 AM 837-2102 Fax or Tivers@aol