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Cervical Injury Research

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  • Cervical Injury Research

    Dear Subscribers to Biomech mailing,

    As an occupational ergonomist there is no specific forum in which I can
    address concerns or request specific interest. I therefore turn to you
    as readers of the Biomech mailing, hoping that this topic is of interest
    to you and requesting any feedback.

    I am embarking upon a very exciting research project to study how the
    human musculoskeletal system reacts to and / or absorbs energy from a
    random impact. In this first, of what I hope will become a series of
    such studies (given funding and interest) we shall be studing cervical
    injury incidence under controlled climbing conditions.

    For this study we are utilizing Virtual Instrumentation technology for
    simulataneous high capacity data acquisition on 8 channels. EMG = 1
    channel (neck extensor muscles), Electrogoniometry = 2 channels (flexion
    / extension and lateral motion of the cervical spine) and Acclerometry =
    5 channels (tri-axial at C4-C5, uni-axial at L5-S1 and uni-axial at point
    of impact - foot).

    I have exhausted conventional means for literature search and was hoping
    that any readers might be aware of similar research. Ideally, I would be
    interested in biomechanics damage load limits for 'jerk' data - rate of
    change of acceleration with respect to time.

    If anybody can help me in my quest I would be most grateful.


    John D. Lloyd
    Principal Ergonomist
    The Ergonomics Institute

    Tel: (516) 979-3746