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    There follows a job posting on behalf of Prof. Roger Bartlett
    at Manchester Metropolitan University.

    PLEASE do not direct any enquiries concerning this post to
    this email address. Contact Roger Bartlett direct as detailed in
    the text below - he currently does not have an email address.




    The Division of Sport Science at the Crewe+Alsager Faculty of
    the Manchester Metropolitan University, England, obtained one
    of the highest quality ratings in the 1992 HEFC Research
    Assessment Exercise. As a result, the University is continuing
    to support an expansion of the research activities of the
    Division. The following permanent full-time research post has
    now been approved for appointment as soon as possible.

    Reader in Sport and Exercise Biomechanics

    Qualifications and Experience

    The successful candidate will possess a PhD and have a range
    of postdoctoral research experience which will have led to
    publications in peer refereed journals and successful research
    grant applications. The person will have supervised and
    examined at postgraduate level and have the personal skills to
    lead a research team comprising both experienced and
    inexperienced individuals. The person appointed will have
    teaching skills and the desire to integrate biomechanics research
    with undergraduate teaching. It is vital that the successful
    candidate has the ability to enhance the profile of the
    University by operating effectively with other members of staff
    from different disciplines. The ability to lead a research team
    is also essential.

    The appointment will be made at the appropriate point on the
    Principal Lecturer Scale, in the range 24,804 to 31,188 per
    annum. A Faculty research studentship is available, on
    appointment, to support the research of the Reader.

    For an informal discussion about the post, please contact
    Professor Roger Bartlett on 0161 247 5478 or for an
    application form and further particulars, returnable by 3
    February 1995, please send an A4 self-addressed envelope
    marked with the appropriate reference HJ0053 to the Personnel
    Office, The Manchester Metropolitan University,
    Crewe+Alsager Faculty, Crewe Green Road, Crewe, Cheshire
    CW1 1DU.

    Outline of the Post

    The successful candidate will be expected to act as the
    Biomechanics Research Team Leader. Such a position carries
    responsibility for standards and developments within the
    Biomechanics Research Team, which comprises four teaching
    staff, three dedicated research staff and currently three full-time
    research students and several part-time research students. The
    person would operate within the structure provided by the
    Division's Research Strategy which envisages biomechanics
    making significant contributions to the following areas:

    i. biomechanical analysis and modelling of sports motions, and
    ii. biomechanics of injury in sport and exercise

    Current members of the biomechanics research team are
    involved in many areas of sport and exercise biomechanics.
    These include performance and injury aspects of able-bodied
    and disabled sports persons, modelling of sports movements,
    finite element modelling of tissue stress and biomechanics and
    bioengineering of normal and disabled gait and other

    The Reader will be expected to make a significant contribution
    to the Division's submission to the next Research Assessment
    Exercise through his/her existing research publications and
    profile. The Reader will be expected to publish high quality
    papers in peer refereed journals, facilitate the progress of
    postgraduate research students toward successful degree
    completions and generate external income to support research
    developments. There is an expectation that the Reader will
    further develop links between the Biomechanics Research
    Team and the Division's undergraduate courses. A
    contribution to teaching is expected, typically no more than 180
    hours per annum, with a brief to integrate research into
    teaching and to guide postgraduate and undergraduate students
    towards good quality group or individual research projects.

    The Division of Sport Science

    The Division of Sport Science has an international reputation
    in Sport Science. The staffing base of the Division (teaching
    and research) is 34 full-time plus 8 part-time. These are
    supported by 7 administrative and 9 technical staff. The
    Division currently has 24 full-time and part-time post-graduate
    research students. Members of the Division are actively
    engaged in fundamental and applied research into
    biomechanical, physiological, psychological and
    multi-disciplinary aspects of sport and exercise science and
    physical education.

    The biomechanics laboratory is one of the largest and best
    equipped in the UK, with excellent software support, and
    including high speed cine cameras, cine projection and
    digitising equipment, a four camera 100 Hz ELITE on-line
    motion analysis system, Kistler force platform, EMED insole
    system, MIE 8 Channel EMG and piezo-electric accelerometers
    plus a great deal of video and other supporting equipment. The
    research team building houses Silicon Graphics Indigo 2 and
    Iris Indy workstations, used for the team's modelling research,
    and running ADAMS and ANSYS software. Plans are
    presently being finalised for relocation of the biomechanics and
    other laboratories to be adjacent to a new, 500 square metre,
    indoor data collection area and a new sports hall is also

    In addition to its research activities, the Division has a taught
    Master's degree programme in Sport Injury and Therapy. The
    BSc Honours degree in Sport Science has a top quality rating
    for its teaching, which is reflected in the experience of
    students. The Division also has Bachelor degrees in Physt and
    Recreation. The Alsager campus provides a very pleasant,
    semi-rural working environment in easy reach of major centres
    of cultural and recreational activity.