Just over a year ago, a request was sent to this list by a subscriber who
was looking for basic biomechanics texts. As I am in a similar position
now, I dug up a copy of the replies that the subscriber posted. While
there were many texts listed, I found that too often just the authors
and not the publishers were mentioned. As one who is unfamiliar with all
the materials in this vast area, I'm writing to you with a request for
biomechanics texts, basic or otherwise.

If we kept the replies in a format similar to the following, a fairly
useful resource list could be developed. I would be happy to compile
and submit such a list.

Suggested Format:
---------------------------------------------- "optional"
Title } These two are the key.
Publisher }
Focus (i.e. Sport, Injury, etc.)

So, if you are using or have used a text that you like, please feel free
to send this information to me. Thanks for any help you can provide.

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