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  • help in finding an opening


    Associate Prof. Ji WU has contacted SICOT for help in finding an
    opening in a faculty of medicine or hospital in a developed
    country as an orthopaedic surgeon, in post-doctoral research, or
    as a visiting scholar. He would like to continue his training and
    research in orthopaedic surgery, in particular in spinal surgery.

    Information received by Email will be forwarded to Dr. Wu.

    Please find below a resume of his career to date:

    Address: Associate Professor Ji WU, Ph.D.
    Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
    Xi Diaoyutai Hospital
    No. 30 Xi Diaoyutai
    Beijing, 100036
    P.R. China

    Birthdate: 10th May, 1960

    Civil status: Married

    Training: 1978-1981 M.B. - North Sichuan Medical College
    1981-1982 - Department of Surgery
    1982-1986 - Resident Surgeon, Main-San
    Hospital, Sichuan
    1987-1989 - M.S. - Dept. of Orthopaedics,
    1989-1992 - M.D. West China University
    1992- - Associate Professor
    Xi Diaoyutai Hospital, Beijing

    Research field: Spinal surgery

    - New spinal cord injury model produced by distraction of spine
    - Experimenntal study of pathogenesis of spinal cord distractive
    - Monitoring for spinal cord distractive injury
    - Experimental study of pharmacal prevention for spinal cord
    distractive injury
    - Two stage apical vertebrectomy in the treatment of rigid
    - Intervertebral body fixation nail for spine surgery
    - Research in internal fixation for shape-memory alloy

    Please contact him directly if possible or if you have any
    suggestion send me a message

    Marcel ROOZE