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Full-time Research Rehabilitation Engineer
Assistive Technology Research

The National Rehabilitation Hospital's Assistive Technology/Rehabilitation
Engineering Program has a full-time research rehabilitation engineer position
available for a qualified person interested in exploring promising
technologies that can be transferred from the military to civilian use that
will benefit persons with disabilities.

The engineer will conduct research at the Assistive Technology Research Center
(ATRC) located at NRH. This newly created Center is the result of a four year
grant from the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materials Command. The primary
goal of the ATRC is to identify promising military and aerospace technologies
that may have application to rehabilitation medicine, as well as the everyday
lives of persons with disabilities, and to perform research that will help
facilitate the transfer of that technology into the private sector.

Candidates should have a background in rehabilitation engineering and will be
expected to assist in producing and submitting research articles for
publication; assist in preparing and presenting scientific or technical
papers at conferences; and assist in developing grants for possible external
funding. These objectives will be achieved with the assistance of the
engineer's supervisor, project staff, and the facilities and resources
available to NRH and CUA.

For further information contact: Bill Peterson, Director Rehabilitation
Engineering, National Rehabilitation Hospital, 102 Irving Street, NW,
Washington, D.C., 20010, (202) 877-1498. or Tom Dang, Manager, Perf. Diag.
Lab, NRH (202) 877-1486 or e -mail:

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