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Re: Figure skate instrumentation and kinetic analysis (fwd)

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  • Re: Figure skate instrumentation and kinetic analysis (fwd)

    Hello Michelle,

    Glad to hear you had lots of responses to your search for information. I
    am still very interested in receiving a copy of your responses if you
    would share them with me. In the mean time I have put together a
    bibloiography of the scientific articles that I have used on figure
    skating. If you provide me with your address I will mail them to you. I
    don't have the time to type in 50+ entries on e-mail and haven't figured
    out how to read them from a disc so they don't have to be re-typed. The
    trials of being a grad student.....

    Hope to correspond soon,

    Good luck with your research.

    Kelly Lockwood
    University of Alberta
    (p.s. I am originally from Ancaster, Ontario and skated with Kerry Leitch in