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>>I would appreciate if anyone has suggestions for software for creating a
>>"stopwatch" function in a windows program.
>We have quite a good DOS based timer program for assessing human
>performance. A range of switches can be connected directly to the printer
>port on any IBM PC compatible computer running MS DOS 3.3 or later. A range
>of variables can be measured using a contact mat. These include contact
>time, flight time, jump height, power output, multiple jump recording, foot
>contact and swing times during gait. Infra red timing lights, foot switches
>etc can also be used with the program recording split times, and calculating
>velocities, reaction time etc.. If you would like a demonstration version of
>the system, please email me and I can send it to you via email or snail mail.
>With regard to your request for information on timing under Windows. There
>is considerable difficulty in doing this. Because Windows is
>psuedo-multitasking a program can be interupted at any time while other
>tasks are being performed. The usual Windows timers are easily accessible
>from Visual Basic or Visual C but are only accurate to less than 50ms.
>Higher resolution timers are available (1 ms) and they are included in the
>Microsoft Windows Multimedia Extensions. That solves that problem, however,
>trapping an event such as a key press, or change in state of the printer
>port involves the risk of a time delay. To avoid this a driver must be
>specifically written to trap the event and record the time elapsed. At
>present we are working on just such a driver. I cannot tell you at this
>time however, when this new timer program will be available.
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