During the past month I have had the opportunity to act as the moderator
for Biomch-l and it was an excellent learning experience. At the same
time I have spent much time surfing the World Wide Web and it seems to me
that there is a need for a Biomechanics Home Page. Many of you may have
a personal home page that points to interesting biomechanics sites. I
know that is the case for Michael Young one of the moderators for
Biomch-l. Until my next tour of duty as moderator comes up in 3 months I
have some extra time I would be willing to devote to developing a Home Page
for Biomechanics. However before I get started I would like some
direction from the Biomch-l members.

1. Do you think there is a need for such a site on the WWW?
2. Are you aware of any such formal site that may exist? (If so there is
no need for me to reinvent the wheel)
3. Please email me the addresses of any sites which you think might be
valuable to biomechanists. These could include your personal home pages
that might have information of interest.
4. If you have any ideas on the structure of the Home Page please pass
that on as well.

My plan would be to build this slowly but with the help of all of the
Biomch-l members it should become functional and helpful quickly.

I look forward to your reply.

J. Pierre Baudin, Ph.D.
Sports Biomechanics Lab, University of Alberta, Canada
Co-Moderator, Biomch-l