Hello to everyone from Down Under!

I have been trying to establish contacts in Calgary but so far
haven't had much luck and so this message to the list. Hope to
succeed finally.

A brief introduction of my intentions. I'm a physiotherapist by
profession. There is a chance that I'd be visiting Calgary this June
between the 19th-24th on my way to the WCPT (World Confederation of
Physical Therapy) Congress to be held in Washington DC from 25th-30th
June. While I am in Calgary I am interested in visiting some human
movement labs and rehabilation hospitals. I was wondering if anyone
could help me establish contacts with the relevant people. Instead
of boring everyone with my autobiography I thought it would be more
appropriate to send details to the few unlucky ones with whom I can
hopefully establish contact. Thanks to all in advance and eagerly
awaiting some replies.


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Westmead Hospital email: manishak@biru.wh.su.edu.au
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AUSTRALIA fax: +61 2 635 8892
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