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    Dear Dr. Baudin,

    I think your idea to build a WWW home page for biomechanics is
    excellent. Though we have not yet completed the work, we are preparing
    our own home page to open our interest, and results we have obtained.

    My advise is the following at the moment;

    1. The home page can be build like an acacdemic meeting, i.e. is
    composed of different sessions dealing with wide area of biomechanics,
    such as solid, fluid, functional, for example.

    2. It should be build as an index source referencing world wide home
    pages owned and operated by different people.

    3. It would be very convenient if information of academic meetings
    related to this field, such as ISB, WSB, etc are directly connected to
    the home page. You may connect the organizers.

    I believe people in the list are affirmative to your proposal, and I
    am very much willing to help you.

    Yours sincerely,

    Takami Yamaguchi

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    Takami Yamaguchi MD PhD .:*:*::*::. *
    Dept. Bio-Medical Engineering .::*:::*::*:::. * * *
    School of High-Tech. for Human Welfare .:::*::::::::::*::.* * *
    Tokai University, Numazu, Shizuoka, Japan ,;;;;;;|TOKAI.U |;;;;;;.
    Tel.+81-559-68-1211(ext 4527) ,;;;;;;;;;---------;;;;;;;;;;,
    Fax +81-559-68-1156 ----------- Mt. Fuji -----------
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