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Ground Reaxn Force w/ walking speed/freq

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  • Ground Reaxn Force w/ walking speed/freq

    Dear Netters,

    I'm working on a problem dealing with speed control in
    human walking modeling the stance phase of gait as an
    inverted pendulum with a forcing function and an
    attached spring. I'm attempting to estimate the
    magnitude of the forcing function (assumed to act on
    the center of mass of the body) by measuring the net
    moment of the COM about the stance ankle. I'm
    particularly interested in how the forcing function
    changes with walking speed/frequency and not its "real"

    THe problem is that I only have video data (no force
    plate) and must estimate the contribution of the
    ground reaxn force to the net moment. Can anyone
    suggest references that: a) relate the moment of the
    COM about the stance ankle to the GRF across changes
    in walking speed and frequency and b) relate the
    magnitudes of the GRF to walking speed and frequency?

    I'll post any responses.

    Jack Obusek
    Graduate Student
    Dept of Physical THerapy
    Boston University