Dear Biomch-L subscribers,

On Tue, 14 Feb 1995, Young-Hoo Kwon

>My lab (Biomechanics Lab at Korea Sport Science Institute) is looking for
>information on the manufacturers of the data logger. Your input regarding
>this matter will be deeply appreciated. As usual, I will post the summary
>on the Net.

Since the same question has been asked before, I would like to
use this opportunity to point to the database search
possibilities for Biomch-L. Searching in the archives is always
a good idea, because subscribers may not be inclined to reply to
the same question twice within one year.

However, I encourage everyone to submit new information on this
topic and I'm sure that Young-Hoo Kwon will summarize this to the

For this topic, I did a database search by sending the following
E-mail to

// JOB Echo=No
Database Search DD=Rules
//Rules DD *
search for logger in Biomch-L

LISTSERV replied:

> search for logger in Biomch-L
--> Database BIOMCH-L, 8 hits.

> index
Item # Date Time Recs Subject
------ ---- ---- ---- -------
001534 93/05/25 09:15 102 Re: Guidance in selecting goniometers
001640 93/07/01 08:29 21 data-acquisition systems II
001785 93/06/29 12:08 440 RE: data-acquisition systems
002265 94/03/29 12:28 83 Portable oxygen uptake systems
002295 94/04/05 14:15 23 Data Loggers
002336 94/04/19 13:06 221 Data Logger Summary
002794 94/08/26 16:02 33 measure of step lenght
003629 95/02/14 11:11 25 Data logger

I then sent this job, to view the text in item # 2336:

// JOB Echo=No
Database Search DD=Rules
//Rules DD *
search for logger in Biomch-L
print 2336

It is also possible to request several items after the 'print'

More information can be obtained by sending the one-line E-mail



-- Ton van den Bogert
Biomch-L co-moderator