Dear John M. Barden:

You can ftp to and it is located in the
/pub/pc/trumpet/winsock directory. You can also get it from the U of I at in the Web/Mosaic/Windows/socket directory.


Stephen W. Hill, B.Sc.
Kinesiologist/Administrative Director
SIU Motion Analysis Laboratory (1420)
Southern Illinois University School of Medicine
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From: owner-biomch-l
To: Multiple recipients of list BIOMCH-L
Subject: Mosaic ftp site
Date: Monday, February 13, 1995 2:36PM

Dear BIOMCH-L colleagues:

Does anyone know of an ftp site where I can access Mosaic software? I
have the file mosaic.exe and specifically need the file winsock.dll (I'm
not sure why it seems to be missing but this is the error message Windows
gives me when I try to run the program).

Thanks in advance for any help,

John M. Barden
Sport Science Coordinator
Faculty of Physical Activity Studies
University of Regina
Regina, Saskatchewan

Bitnet: barden@uregina1.bitnet