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  • Technology Transfer

    Dear subscribers;

    The Canadian Government's Department of Industry, Science and Technology
    has undertaken a study of the innovation process in the medical devices
    sector. It has retained NGL Consulting Ltd. of Ottawa, in association with
    TIMEC, the Technology Institute for Medical Devices for Canada, to study
    the process which a specific technology or innovation is transferred from
    the research environment of a university, hospital or government laboratory
    to the private sector.

    An important dimension of the study is to compare the technology transfer
    process in the United States and European countries with that in Canada.

    We are presently attempting to identify potential case studies in the
    Unites States and Europe. We are specifically interested in medical
    devices developed in a a non-commercial setting and which have:

    a) found a firm to commercialize the product;

    b) afer having a least one commercial firm look at it, the
    product is still looking for a sponsor.

    We are also interesting in knowing the existence of studies undertaken
    at the institutional or government levels, or other contacts.

    Any assistance the subscribers to the above LISTSERVers can provide
    would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks.