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    >Hello everybody
    >Is anybody aware of movement studies, in which phase plane analysis has been
    >used to quantify or qualitatively describe the kinematics of intersegmental
    >coordination? All kinds of references would be highly appreciated. Thank you.
    >Henrik Sorensen, M.Sc.
    >Institute of Medical Anatomy, Section C
    >University of Copenhagen
    >Panum Institute
    >Blegdamsvej 3
    >DK-2200 Copenhagen N
    >Phone: (+45) 35327234
    >Fax: (+45) 35327217

    Dear Henrik:

    We studied the dynamic stability (repetability)
    and joint kinematics of human locomotion using
    the tools of nonlinear dynamics (phase plane portraits
    and Poincare maps).

    Please refer to our following studies:

    1. Hurmuzlu, Y., Basdogan C., 1994, "On the measurement of
    Dynamic Stability of Human Locomotion.",
    Journal of Biomechanical Engineering,
    ASME Transactions, Vol. 116, pg. 30-36.

    2. Hurmuzlu, Y., Basdogan C., Carollo J., 1994,
    "Presenting Joint Kinematics of Human
    Locomotion Using Phase Plane Portraits and Poincare Maps.",
    Journal of Biomechanics, Vol.27, No.12, pg 1495-1499.

    Best Regards,

    Cagatay Basdogan, Ph.D
    Research Scientist
    MusculoGraphics Inc.
    Northwestern University Research Park