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    Dear Netters,

    A long time ago I posted the following question. I am sorry
    about the delay in posting my summary of responses. Iod like
    to take this chance to tank everyone who helped me.

    ************************************************** **********
    > Hello Biomechl'ers
    >Please if is possible send me information about the subject
    "Gait Motor Performance
    >of Lower Limb Amputees"
    >Tanks four your consideration
    >Carlos Ferreira
    >Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciencia
    >Laborat"rio de Biomecanica
    >Apartado 14, 2781 Oeiras

    >Telephone: (351)-1-443 13 13
    >Telefax : (351)-1-443 56 25
    >EMAIL :

    Dear Mr. Ferreira
    I hope you find this list helpful to you

    Good luck


    Jack R. Ensenberg, Ph. D.

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    ************************************************** *********
    Doren M. Espinoza

    Following are the references for BKA that I have thus far in
    my library. I am curious what your area of research is. I am
    doing my Master's Thesis on BKA muscular patterns during
    running, thus I have some information on walking but most of
    my references are for BKA running. I look forward to hearing
    from you.

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    ************************************************** *******