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Inverse Dynamics - Summary

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  • Inverse Dynamics - Summary

    My sincere thanks to all who responded to my posting on Inverse
    Dynamics software. I apologize for the delay in summarizing the
    responses - I've been out of town for the last week.

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    Original Posting
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    Does anyone know of/sell a software package utilizing three
    dimensional inverse dynamics to calculate forces, etc.? A
    colleague is analyzing monkeys and is in need of some
    suggestions. Any help you can offer would be greatly

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    Hi Kimberly:
    There is a company in Boston/Newton that sells their TRACK software.
    OsteoKinetics Corporation
    82 Stuart Rd
    Newton, MA 02159
    617 332-5954

    Jack Tigh Dennerlein ////
    UCSF/UCB Ergonomics Program ~0-0~
    510 231-9405 231-5729 (fax) \- /

    Hi Kimberly,

    You can have them take a look at my human locomotion software. It does
    inverse dynamics for a number of marker sets and camera manufacturers. It
    is old and not particularly reconfigurable but all the source code is
    there. They can grab it all at under /pub/gaitlab
    It hasn't been changed in about a year now and I don't figure it will
    anymore. I have more than probably left the field for good, but hopefully
    others will be able to take what I did and change it around to their own
    needs. At the least, it gives one a starting point for developing their own


    Dwight Meglan, PhD | Developers of complete surgery simulation
    Engineering Coordinator | training systems and surgery simulation
    High Techsplanations, Inc. | creation software tools
    6001 Montrose Rd., Suite 902 |
    Rockville, MD 20852-4874 | "Witty, yet erudiate saying goes here..."
    301 984 3706 x38 |
    301 984 2104 : FAX |


    Your friend may want to find out more about a program called SD-Fast.
    My old lab at Stanford University uses it to perform both forward and
    inverse dynamics analyses, and it works well for both 2D and 3D
    analyses. Very little to no knowledge of dynamics is required. If
    your friend would like more information, he/she can email me and
    I will try to dig up the telephone number and mailing address of
    the company (they are here in the San Francisco bay area).

    B.J. Fregly
    Dear Kimberly,

    My gait analysis package -- GaitLab from Human Kinetics
    Publishers of Champaign, IL -- does inverse dynamics analysis.
    The book plus software is $49. It may (or may not!) be what he

    Kit Vaughan

    University of Virginia
    (804) 982 0893

    On the last conference of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society a
    collegue of mine found a brochure of the University of Michican containing
    information on a programm they had developped. It is called 3D Static
    Strength Prediction Programm. I am not sure that it is completely what you
    want, but it might be of any help. The adress on the brochure: University of
    Michican Software, 3003 South State Street, Suite 2071, Ann Arbor, MI
    48109-1280 USA.
    Succes, Liek Voorbij (Delft, The Netherlands).

    ir. A.I.M. Voorbij (BSc) CO
    Delft University of Technology ./! )-*
    Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering,
    Dep. Product and Systems Ergonomics
    Jaffalaan 9
    2628 BX Delft, The Netherlands
    ir. A.I.M. Voorbij (BSc)
    Delft University of Technology
    Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering,
    Dep. Product and Systems Ergonomics
    Jaffalaan 9
    2628 BX Delft, The Netherlands
    Hello Kimberly

    there is a public domain gait package called Gaitlab which solves the
    inverse dynamics in three dimensions. The author is Dwight Meglan.
    You can grab the program, source code, and sample data from under the directory /pub/gaitlab.There are
    text files there that explain most things.

    Hope you find this useful

    Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Kuspert
    University of Darmstadt
    Institut of Mechanics 1
    Hochschulstrasse 1
    D-64289 Darmstadt
    tel. +49 6151 16 2386
    fax +49 6151 16 6869
    Hi Kimberly!

    Maybe my suggestion can help your colleague:

    I work with Applied Motion, a 3D Dynamics Software. Because I need to do
    inverse dynamics in my work (I am modelling the human foot) I had to use
    some potentialities of the program. It allows to use some drivers of posi
    tion or velocity or acceleration, which can be supplied by a ramp or a co
    sine or a table. In addition it allows to model control systems (that can
    be function of either position, velocity or acceleration or all of it).
    So, if your colleague knows the trajectories or its derivatives, he can u
    se these approaches to reach the forces and moments.

    Applied Motion is one of the three packages of Mechanica, a property of R
    asna Corporation.

    The address for customer support is:

    Rasna Corporation

    2590 N. First Street, Suite 200

    San Jose, California 95131

    The phone numbers:


    (within North America)

    408-428-0215 (outside North America)

    408-922-7256 - FAX


    Claudia (


    Dear Ms. Lovasik,

    In response to your e-mail concerning 3D-Inverse Dynamics Software, I
    can recommend a comprehensive package that can be used for the
    analysis of motions of monkeys also, and provides total inverse
    dynamics, including forces, segment powers and energies, position and
    velocity of centre of mass, etc.

    If you require more details, please contact me by fax under


    H. Hatze, Ph.D.
    Professor of Biomechanics

    Name : Thomas M. Kepple
    Organization : National Institutes of Health (U.S.A)
    email-address : kepple@bmlvax.dnet
    phone: : 301-496-9890

    Dear Ms. Lovasik:

    I am writing in regards to your request for information on motion analysis
    software. Below is some information on MOVE3D, a software package written for
    use at the NIH. The information in this letter was adapted from a response to
    Dr. Steiner earlier in the year regarding visualization and simulation software.
    If you need more information on this software please let me know.

    Public domain - Available at no cost.
    Supplied by biomechanics laboratory at NIH.

    Input data types requirements:
    Designed for AMASS/VICON data (a conversion routine is beeing
    developed for use with other systems).

    Computer platforms:
    Silicon Graphics (SGI)
    PC (DOS only - avialable around April 1,1995)
    DEC Alpha (VMS only)

    Analyses Available:

    translation motion of segments or joints (includes displacements
    velocities and accelerations)
    rotational motion of segments or joints ( Euler or helical angles)
    (includes displacements, velocities and acceleration)
    net joint forces
    net joint moments
    net joint forces
    net joint power
    segmental power
    segmental energy

    Graphics Displays
    MOVE3D provides:
    3d stick figures
    3d simple wire frames
    3d shaded solid musculoskeletal model (lower extremity only)

    MOVE3D LINK Model:
    The MOVE3D link model consists of up to 15 anatomical segments.
    The anatomical segemnts can be either predefined geometric shapes or
    defined by the user. (Four different geometric shapes are allowed).
    MOVE3D can be used for lower extremity motion, upper extremity motion,
    or motion of the whole body. (The user selects which segments are

    MOVE3D Musculoskeletal Model (lower extremity only)
    In addition to the link model, MOVE3D provides a musculoskeletal model
    that can be used to measure the kinematics of lower extremity muscle units.
    The musculoskeletal model can be displayed using 3D graphics provided by the
    program (the SGI version will produced animated 3D graphics). The
    musculoskeletal model was generated from digitization done at NIH and the
    National Museum of Natural History.

    Link to simulation software
    The MOVE3D output is linked to ADAMS/ANDROID software. The MOVE3D output
    data can be used as input to the ANDROID preprocessor; automatically
    building the customized ANDROID model and driving the joints with
    displacement-driven or torque-driven spline functions (forward dynamics).

    Types of output (screen, printer, plotter, files)
    Graphics can be written to screen for the following devices:
    TeKtronics 4014
    Tektronics 4107
    Regis graphics (VT340 or DecWindows/DECterm)
    Silicon Graphics

    for 3D musculoskeletal graphics only the following devices are supported
    VMS - DecWindows
    Silicon Graphics

    graphics output can be also sent to files in the following format
    HPGL format
    Tektronics 4014 format (not available on SGI)

    numerical output can be directed to screen or ASCII files

    Tom Kepple
    Dear Dr. Lovasik:

    Our company sells a set of software products (BioTRACK[TM],
    GraphTRACK[TM] and NewtonTRACK[TM]) that provide complete
    kinetic analysis. It is based on programs that were developed and
    tested at MIT over the past twenty years. The programs have
    been successfully adopted to a variety of camera-based measurement
    systems, and are now used in laboratories all over the world.

    We also sell the Inertiator[TM] system that measures the
    anthropometric properties of body segments, based on the frontal and
    lateral images of the body segment. If this is of interest to you,
    please send us your complete mailing address, and
    we will gladly mail you an information package.


    Yael Yona
    OsteoKinetics Corporation
    82 Stuart Road
    Newton, MA 02159
    Ph: (617) 332-5954
    FAX: (617) 965-0383
    ************************************************** *******************

    Again, thank you to all that responded to my posting! I am
    appreciative, as will be my colleague when he finds out he doesn't
    have to write his own program!

    (To those who asked for additional information or individual
    requests, I will get in touch with you sometime next week)

    Have an enjoyable weekend!

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