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    I believe some LISTSERVERS do not allow positings unless one is subscribed to
    the list. This would eliminate some of the mis-directed messages, and an
    opportunity to send a use/FAQ message to new subscribers. I don't know how a
    ballooning list would effect the moderators. Could LISTSERV be set to reject
    messages without a subject line? Many days I do not have the time to scan all
    the messages sent to me, and delete them based on the subject line. My only
    pet peeve is posting specific replies to the list rather than the individual
    (who is compiling a summary anyway). Well, that and 'expert' witnessess asking
    for help. Being a lowly graduate student I often exceed my disk quota on heavy
    message periods, but I do not advocate splitting the list, even though my
    interest in movement science is minimal. I subscribed at a time when there
    were more discussions, which I miss following and participating in.

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    John F. Cummings (John.Cummings@UC.EDU)
    Noyes-Giannestras Biomechanics Laboratories
    University of Cincinnati, ML0048 V: (513) 556-4171
    Cincinnati, OH 45221-0048 F: (513) 556-4162
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