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Request for help with quintic spline

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  • Request for help with quintic spline

    1 Feb. 1991

    To the BIOMCH-L readership:

    I have used the quintic spline to smooth raw displacement data with my FORTRAN
    programs. My students, however, program mainly in Quick BASIC 4.5 and use
    digital filtering to smooth raw data. I would like to make the quintic spline
    available to them to use with their BASIC programs but have not had success.
    Microsoft Quick BASIC supposedly allows you to compile a FORTRAN subroutine with
    Microsoft Fortran (we use version 5) and create a QB library file callable from
    a BASIC program. While we have done this successfully with small FORTRAN
    subroutines, we have tried repeatedly and without success to make the FORTRAN
    quintic spline work callable from BASIC. Microsoft suggested that we upgrade
    to their BASIC Professional Development System (PDS) version 7.1 (which we did
    to the tune of more than $300) which supposedly can successfully call FORTRAN
    subroutines. No such luck. The quintic spline still does not work when called
    from BASIC 7.1. Microsoft is said to have done a better job linking BASIC to
    C than to FORTRAN. This leads me to the following question:

    Does anyone out there have a working version of the quintic spline which can be
    called from Microsoft Quick BASIC 4.5 or BASIC 7.1? This would include a
    version written in BASIC or one written in C. I would appreciate hearing from
    anyone who has had similar problems or successes in calling other languages from
    Microsoft BASIC. Thanks for your help.

    Rick Hinrichs
    Exercise and Sport Research Institute
    Arizona State University
    Tempe, AZ 85287-0404 USA