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Animation: Muybridge (2)

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  • Animation: Muybridge (2)

    Dear Biomch-L readers,

    Following my January 17 posting on the Michigan State University Gait
    Meeting of last December, I received yesterday some further information
    on the Muybridge material mentioned therein.

    While commercial advertising is taboo on BITNET, I think that a list
    moderator may provide factual information, especially if he has no direct
    ties or benefits from such activity.

    In their "New Releases Fall 1990" brochure, The Voyager Company of 1351 East
    Pacific Coast Highway, Santa Monica, CA 90401, USA, Tel. +1(213)451-1383, FAX
    +1(213)394-2156, AppleLink: VOYAGER, Toll Free (Orders Only) (800)446-2001,
    (CA only) (800)443-2001, provides a contribution "Interactive Videodisc and
    LaserStack, Eadweard Muybridge" by James Sheldon, Curator of Photography for
    the Addison Gallery of American Art:

    Muybridge is regarded by many to be the first motion picture artist. His work
    - valued by generations of artists, illustrators, scientists, athletes, and
    photographers - is still considered the definitive reference on human and
    animal motion.

    This videodisc [US NTSC format -- HJW] contains over 700 plates from his
    pioneering photographic studies of movement: Attitudes of Animals in Motion
    (1881) and Animal Locomotion (1887). Taken together, Muybridge's catalog of
    images - horses trotting, birds flying, men running, women dancing and bath-
    ing, and children crawling - comprises a haunting ballet of remarkable grace
    and elegance. 132 of the plates have been edited for display as fully ani-
    mated sequences, and more than 100 years after the images were created, we
    can finally see them as Muybridge undoubtedly saw them in his mind's eye.
    Audio commentary by Richard Leacock, reading from Muybridge's actual letters
    and papers, brings this pioneering cinematographer's thoughts and words back
    to life. [US $ 75,00]

    Eadweard Muybridge LaserStack

    Featuring striking Muybridge-related graphics and animations, the HyperCard
    2.0 Index [Macintosh computer required -- HJW] to the videodisk includes a
    detailed biography of Muybridge's life, selected articles discussing Muy-
    bridge's contributions, a discussion of the photographic equipment used in
    Muybridge's era, and a "movie-maker" that lets you select animations to
    create your own motion sequences. [US $ 60,00]

    Furthermore, for US $ 50,00 you may obtain Bird Anatomy II, a HyperCard Soft-
    ware companion to Proctor & Lynch, Bird Anatomy II, to appear in 1991 with
    Yale University Press.

    Herman J. Woltring, Eindhoven/NL.