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    Dear subscribers,

    Please find attached the latest addition to the Biomch-L Yellow
    Pages, the current table of contents, and instructions on how to
    obtain the complete file.

    -- Ton van den Bogert, Biomch-L co-moderator

    20. Failure Analysis Associates, Menlo Park CA

    The Biomechanics Group at Failure Analysis Associates (FaAA) specializes in
    litigation consulting, research, and product development in the areas of
    quantitative biomechanics, injury analysis, and biomedical implant
    evaluation. Members of this group have advanced degrees and extensive
    experience in a broad range of technical fields such as biomedical
    engineering, mechanical engineering, structural engineering and biophysics.
    This rare combination of expertise enables the FaAA Biomechanics Group to
    research and analyze the most complex interactions between the human body and
    its environment. Furthermore, access to the broad range of technical
    expertise within other groups at FaAA, extensive testing facilities, and
    superior graphical presentation and video animation capabilities make the
    Biomechanics Group a valuable resource for all phases of technical

    For more information contact:

    Tara Khatua, Ph.D.
    Failure Analysis Associates
    149 Commonwealth Drive
    Menlo Park, CA 94025
    Phone: (415) 688-7150
    Fax: (415) 326-8072

    On the World Wide Web, visit FaAA's Home Page at


    2. Kistler Switzerland (force, pressure, acceleration transducers)
    3. Sensinova (movement analysis software, consulting)
    4. Peak Performance (video movement analysis systems)
    5. Ariel Dynamics (video movement analysis systems)
    6. Musculographics (modeling & animation software)
    7. Kistler USA (force, pressure, acceleration transducers)
    8. OsteoKinetics (movement analysis software, inertial properties)
    9. CFTC (clinical gait analysis network)
    10. B & L Engineering (VICON motion measurement, EMG measurement)
    11. AMTI (force platforms, load cells)
    12. Innovision Systems (MacReflex & Selspot motion measurement, Noraxon EMG)
    13. QUALISYS (MacReflex motion measurement system)
    14. Northern Digital (OPTOTRAK, WATSMART motion measurement systems)
    15. Avalon Technol. (material test machines, wheelchair instrumentation)
    16. Bertec (force platforms, load cells)
    17. Exeter Research (shoe & surface testing; equipment and consulting)
    18. Chalmers Univ. (shoulder biomechanics software)
    19. Noldus Inf. Tech. (systems for behavioral data recording and analysis)
    20. Failure Analysis Assoc. (litigation consulting, research, product dev.)

    The most recent version of this file can be obtained from by sending the request 'get biomch-l
    ypages'. You can also receive updates automatically. Send 'info
    afd' to for more details. Please forward
    your contributions, modifications, and other suggestions to
    Ton van den Bogert .