Dear Biomch-ers,

Some time ago I posted the following message:

>I am working on the biomechanical validation of hip prostheses and am
>looking for substitutes to cadaveric specimens. A synthetic femur model
>for such purposes should:
>- have similar geometry to the "average" femur;
>- have spongy bone modeled a different way than cortical bone;
>- have similar mechanical properties (including inhomogeneous and
>anisotrpic elastic behaviour) to the "average" human femurs;
>- be reproducible, for comparative testing.
>The only commercially available models I am aware of are the Composite
>femurs manufactured in the States by Pacific Research Labs, and imported
>in Europe by Sawbones. Does anyone know of any other manufacturer of
>synthetic models with similar properties?

I received several mails of persons having the same question, but no
response indicating other possible substitutes. As I feel this is still a
useful piece of information, I am posting this message to remark that there
seems to be only one (known) manufacturer in the world.
Anyway, I will appreciate if anyone has any more info to share.

Thanks to all who responded. Best regards.

Luca Cristofolini

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