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Request for Info: dynamics modeling package

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  • Request for Info: dynamics modeling package

    To Biomch-L Colleagues:

    I am looking for information on a commercial 2D dynamics modeling packaged
    called "Working Model" or other programs that would allow us to do 2D
    forward dynamics modeling. If you have information on this program or other
    forward dynamics software (shareware or commercial), I would be interested
    in hearing from you. The large and sophisticated packages (e.g.,
    articulated-total-body-model, and dynaMan) are well beyond our needs and our
    budget. I'm specifically interested in manipulating mass characteristics of
    a 3-segment system (lower extremity during kicking - no contact with
    external object) and evaluating changes in the segmental kinematics.
    Experimental data have been collected with a WATSMART 2-camera system,
    inverse dynamics calculations follow the methods of Schneider & Zernicke
    (Schneider K, Zernicke RF. A FORTRAN package for the planar analysis of limb
    intersegmental dynamics from spatial coordinate-time data. Advanced
    Engineering Software 1990;12:123-128.)

    A summary of responses will be posted.

    Thank you for your assistance.

    Jody L. Jensen, PhD
    Motor Control Laboratory
    Department of Exercise & Movement Science
    University of Oregon
    Eugene, OR 97403-1240

    Voice: (503) 346-2687
    Fax: (503) 346-2841