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Ph.D. study project wanted

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  • Ph.D. study project wanted

    Dear Netters,

    after following this forum I would like to have a try in a personal think:

    In September 1996 I would like to start a Ph.D. study in the fields of
    Biomechanics or Bioengineering. The main interest of myself is the link between
    human beeings and machines (computers) as well as mechanical aspects of body

    I am 27 years old and enrolled in the Fachhochschule Wilhelmshaven /Germany
    for Precision Engineering. In the past I have got two professional educations
    in precision mechanics and electronics and was working for about 6 years in the
    Institut of Experimental Physics of the Martin-Luther-University in
    Halle/Saale. There I had developed and manufactured scientific devices for
    different fields.

    Based on the fact that our department of precision engineering of our practical
    rientated University is offering fields of studies in Biomedical Engineering I
    spent time with doing some courses there. My practical term I spent, finaced by
    a scholarship of the Carl-Duisberg-Society in Koeln, with the Crippled Children
    Association of South Australia in Adelaide/ Australia. There I
    worked in the department of electronics with the main project of developing
    hard- and software to test the bahavior of NiCad- batteries of speech-syntesizer.

    So far to the basics of myself (there is plenty more to tell).

    Based on the fact that having enought money in not my best ability I have to
    finance the hole thing by a scholarship or similar, especially I would like to get a
    teaching assistentship.

    If you are interested I would like to answer your questions and to give more
    information about myself. Please contact my under my Email-adress or via my

    Bertram Mueller
    Berliner Str. 2
    06188 Hohenthurm
    Tel: ..49 34603 - 50525

    Yours sincerely


    * *
    * Bertram Mueller *
    * *
    * FH Wilhelmshaven *
    * Department of Precision Engineering *
    * *
    * *
    * *
    * *
    * Phone -work: ..49-4421-804386 *
    * -privat: ..49-4421-61109 *
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