I Have been asked to post the following job opening for a Motion
Analysis user. Any and all responses will be forwarded to the user in

Facility Location: US Southeast Medical Center
Job Position: Biomechanist/Engineer
Salary Range: $25,000-40,000 US with Excel Benefits
Experiences: Data acquisition on a motion capture system
preferrably a Motion Analysis 6 camera, 200hz
with OrthoTrak (Clinical Gait) and Expertvision
General knowledge of project design, marker sets,
orthopedic research and data collection. GX
programming language a plus. Strong communication
skills with experiences in writing proposals and

Position currently open.

Respond to: Motion Analysis Corp.
c/o Dan India GM
P.O. Box 262
Deerfield, IL 60015
E-Mail: Dan945@ix.netcom.com

Again all inquiries are forwarded and kept in confidence.