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Gait Analysis Workshop

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  • Gait Analysis Workshop

    Director, Gait & Biomechanics Lab
    Phone: (502) 582-7657

    For those of us that work in gait analysis this may be of interest:

    :: Clinical Gait Analysis Workshop

    ::: Sponsored
    ::: by:
    :: Frazier Rehab Center's
    :: Gait & Biomechanics Laboratory

    :: Saturday, October 14th, 1995

    ::: at
    : Jewish Hospital Heart & Lung Conference Center

    ================================================== ===============
    Course Objectives

    -Identify the basic components of gait.
    -Identify the components of a gait laboratory & their function in
    gait analysis.
    -Identify clinical applications of gait analysis for the patient
    with pathology of the foot, ankle, knee & hip.
    -Describe how gait analysis results can guide surgical and
    rehabilitation decision making.
    -Discuss the process of the gait analysis study

    ================================================== ===============

    Tentative Schedule

    7:30 Continental Breakfast (Compliments of Noraxon U.S.A.Inc.)

    8:15 Welcome & Introductions - Gregory Rash, Ed.D.

    8:30 Introduction to Clinical Gait Analysis
    :- Gregory Rash, Ed.D.

    8:45 Fundamental Concepts & Methodology Overview
    :- Kevin Campbell, Ph.D. (Sponsored by Qualisys)

    9:15 Normal Gait: Terminology & Kinematics
    :- Sherry Backus, P.T.

    10:15 Break (Compliments of Kistler Instrument Corporation)

    10:30 Normal Gait: Electromyography, Kinetics, Data Collection
    :- Gregory Rash, Ed.D.

    11:30 Use of Gait Analysis for Surgical Intervention in the
    :Cerebral Palsy Patient (Case Report #1).
    :-Chester Tylkowski, M.D.

    12:00 Lunch (Compliments of Tekscan, Inc.)

    1:00 Use of Gait Analysis in the Rehabilitation Population
    Case Report #2)
    :- Casey Kerrigan, M.D. (Sponsored by Bioengineering
    : Technology & Systems)

    1:30 Use of Gait Analysis for Surgical Intervention in Knee
    :Arthritis & Knee Ligament Injuries (Case Report #3)
    :- Craig Roberts, M.D.

    2:00 Use of Gait Analysis for Surgical Intervention in the
    :Stroke & TBI Patient (Case Report #4)
    :- John Shaw, M.D.

    2:30 Break (Compliments of Advanced Medical Technology Inc.)

    2:45 Break Out Sessions (Held Concurrently, Choose one for the
    :1st 45 minutes, then stay or choose 2nd session for last
    :45 minutes)

    :* Children's issues - Chester Tylkowski, M.D.
    :* Rehabilitation issues - Casey Kerrigan M.D. & John
    : Shaw, M.D.
    :* Use of Motion Analysis and F-Scan for Foot and Ankle
    : Pathology - Craig Roberts, M.D. & Peter Quesada, Ph.D.
    :* The Physical Therapy Assessment - Sherry Backus, P.T.
    : & Anma Ingeana, P.T.
    :* Understanding Gait Models - Kevin Campbell, Ph.D.
    :* Demonstration of fine wire fabrication & clinical use
    : - Gregory Rash, Ed.D.

    4:15 Panel Discussion - Question & Answer - Open Discussion

    7:30 Star of Louisville Dinner Cruise. (Optional -$41 extra)

    ================================================== ===============


    Sherry Backus, P.T. - Senior Research Physical Therapist for The
    Hospital for Special Surgery's Motion Analysis Laboratory - New
    York, New York.

    Kevin Campbell, Ph.D. - Biomechanist, Technical Director of
    Qualisys Inc.

    Anma Ingeana, P.T. - Physical Therapist for Frazier Rehab
    Center's Gait & Biomechanics Lab.

    D. Casey Kerrigan, M.D. - Instructor of Physiatry, Harvard
    Medical School. Director of Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital's
    Gait Lab - Boston, Massachusetts.

    Peter Quesada, Ph.D. - Biomechanist, Assistant Professor University
    of Louisville, Department of Mechanical Engineering.

    Gregory Rash, Ed.D. - Biomechanist, Director of Frazier Rehab
    Center's Gait & Biomechanics Lab.

    Craig Robert, M.D. - Assistant Professor, University of
    Louisville College of Medicine, Department of Orthopaedics.
    Specializing in trauma and sports medicine.

    John Shaw, M.D. Assistant Professor University of Louisville
    Department of Orthopaedics & Department of Medicine. Medical
    Director of Frazier Rehab Center's Gait & Biomechanics Lab.

    Chester Tylkowski, M.D. - Cheif of Staff, Shriners Hospital for
    Crippled Children and Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery,
    University of Kentucky College of Medicine, Division of
    Orthopaedic Surgery.

    ================================================== ===============

    Course Registration

    Gait analysis testing provides a means of objectively quantifying
    the characteristics of a patients's gait or ability to conduct
    activities of daily living. Computerized video-based equipment,
    a force platform and EMG are used to provide quantitative
    information on patient function which cannot be obtained by mere
    observation of a patient's gait.

    Quantitative measures of walking, running, and other activities
    give the clinician the opportunity to analyze and document the
    changes and compensations in gait & other movement patterns due
    to the progress of pathological conditions and to evaluate the
    effects of surgical procedures and rehabilitative techniques.

    This course will provide the clinician with an understanding of
    the components of gait analysis, its benefits and clinical

    CME/CEU: This course has been submitted for approval for 8
    Category I CME's and to the APTA for 8.0 CEU's.

    Lodging: Workshop participants are responsible for making their
    own travel and lodging arrangements. However, a block of rooms
    has been set aside at The Inn at Jewish Hospital (Operated by
    Marriot) for a rate of $65/night. The Inn is within walking
    distance of the Jewish Hospital Heart & Lung Conference Center or
    shuttles can provide transportation.

    Travel: Louisville is serviced by most major airlines and The
    Jewish Heart & Lung Conference Center is located just minutes
    away off Interstate 65 in downtown Louisville.

    FEES: Included: registration, course handouts, continental
    breakfast, 2 refreshment breaks, and lunch. Add $41 if you plan
    to attend the optional dinner cruise on the Star of Louisville
    Saturday Night (minimum of 25 persons required for cruise).

    :: Before Sept. 1st After Sept. 1st
    Physicians $75 $100
    Residents/Fellows $50 $75
    Physical Therapist $50 $75
    Other $50 $75

    Frazier Rehab Center reserves the right to cancel the conference
    if unforseen circumstances arise.

    Please make checks payable to:

    :: Frazier Rehab Center
    :: C/O Gregory S. Rash, Ed.D.
    :: 220 Abraham Flexner Way
    :: Louisville, KY 40220

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    Address: __________________________________________________ _____
    City: __________________________________ State ____ Zip ________
    Title: __________________________________________________ _______
    Phone: (____) __________________________________________________

    :: Questions call : (502) 582-7657
    : or email: