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> From Alastair Hanna
> Subject A (further) Problem with the 3D Motion Analysis System
> to Multiple recipients of list BIOMCH-L
> Hi All
> About 4 years ago we purchased a 3D Motion Analysis System from
> Motion Analysis Corporation and have been attempting to make it fully
> functional ever since. Recently we upgraded our hardware from a
> SPARC LPC (runnning Solaris 1.1.1) to a SPARC Workstation 5
> (running Solaris 2.4) in an effort to speed up data collection and
> processing.
> However on the basis of communication with Motion Analysis
> Corporation (transcript included below) it appears that;
> I was hoping to get a solution/feedback from anyone else who has
> experienced this problem or can think of a way of getting around it.
> Installing 1.1.1 on the system is an unattractive option to us as it
> will limit the performance of the machine and we will be missing out
> on the significant improvements in the operating system made between
> 1.1 and 2.4.
> Any comments/suggestions will be most gratefully received.
> Thanks for your time.
> Alastair Hanna
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> *****************Email From Motion Analysis Corporation***************
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> Dear Alastair,
> I received your EMAIL of yesterday, but since July 4th is our Independence
> Day, no one worked. I trust that the camera will operate properly now.
> The EV and EVA HiRes software was written to work on SOLARIS V 1.1. After
> we had done all our work in Ver 1.1, SUN decided to JOIN the rest of the
> world and released SOLARIS 2.X. However, that left MAC and many other
> companies out in the cold. Therefore, we opted to stay for now in the 1.1
> version as did many otherr companies.
> At some point in the future, we will port our EV and EVa to the Ver 2.X,
> but not in the very near future. If you wish to attempt to use the EV and
> EVA under SOLARIS 2.X, you are welcome, but we would not expect it to be
> fully functional. We cannot support you if you do this.
> When the cameras are returned we are not given a detailed analysis of the
> exact failure. We do not get enough failures to be able to see any trends,
> so we don't ask for the data.
> My sources tell me that you cannot even connect SOLARIS 1.1 and 2.X on the
> same network. We have never brought Ver 2.X up to test this. I trust that
> this answers your questions.
> Sincerely,
> Jerry Sherman Vice President Customer Service

When I read this posting I had to laugh. Jerry is OK with their PC
software, but he's way over his head when it comes to the UNIX based products.

We have been pushing Motion Analysis to move to Solaris 2 for some time.

Where to begin?

First, let me introduce myself. I am the System Administrator at the
University of Calgary Human Performance Lab and one of the co-writers of
KinTrak, (marketed by Motion Analysis, but developed here at the University
of Calgary). As system administrator, I have moved a few of our systems to
Solaris 2, as well as having added a few Silicon Graphics (SGI) workstations to
our network. I have also had the dubious honor of getting Motion Analysis
software working on our Sun network. Our network consists of about ten SUN
SPARCstations (three of which run Solaris 2.4, the rest SunOS 4.1.x), three
SGI workstations, and one SGI two-processor server. We also have about
twenty PCs on our subnet, as well as three MACs. The SGI server is a very
recent acquisition, and will replace our old SUN 3/280.

There is no problem whatsoever, in having Solaris 2 and Solaris 1
machines talking to each other. If there were, SUN would be out of business.

EVa (v1.10) runs just fine under Solaris 2.4. While I have not used it
extensively under either operating system, I have done some experimentation and there are some things that work even better under Solaris 2. For instance,
the automounter under Solaris 2 doesn't have the annoying habit of putting
all the mounts in /tmp_mnt, so when you do a "pwd" in /home/byron it replies
/home/byron, not /tmp_mnt/home/byron/byron, which is what I get under
Solaris 1.1.1 and IRIX 5.3

I am also assured by Tom Whitaker (CEO M.A.Corp.) that EVa will be compiled
for Solaris 2.4 in the very near future which will make it run even faster/
better. I also understand that they are seriously looking into Silicon
Graphics as a supported platform. (I'd love to see EVa track a 17 segment
full body (51 markers) with six cameras on a SGI Power Indigo2 Extreme)
Heck, I'd love to have the system, never mind the tracking ;-)

For those of you running KinTrak...KinTrak 5 was developed under Solaris 2
then retro-fitted to run under Solaris 1.1.1 and is currently in BETA release.

EV also seems to work, though I have not actually done anything useful with it.
I did plot a couple of files, and went into the tracker. It all looked OK.

Anyway, if you don't have any other software holding you back, don't let
EVa stop you from moving to Solaris 2.4! If you're running KinTrak 4, I
apologize: Certain SunView features don't work under Solaris 2.

Byron Tory
Systems Analyst
Human Performance Lab
Faculty of Kinesiology
University of Calgary
B101 2500 University Dr. N.W.
Calgary, Alberta

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