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ASTM 1996 Workshop Call for Papers

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  • ASTM 1996 Workshop Call for Papers

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    Date: Thu, 27 Apr 1995 10:39:28 EST
    Subject: ASTM 1996 Workshop Call for Papers
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    Call for Papers
    ASTM Committee F04 Workshop On
    SPINAL IMPLANTS -- What Have We Learned from Testing, Failure
    Analysis, and Device Retrieval

    A work shop entitled "Spinal Implant -- What Have We Learned from
    Testing, Failure Analysis, and Device Retrieval" is being
    sponsored by ASTM Committee F04 on Medical and Surgical Materials
    and Devices and the AAOS/Committee on Biomedical Engineering. It
    is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning, May 21-
    22, 1996, in conjunction with the meetings of ASTM Committee F04
    on Medical and Surgical Materials and Devices in Orlando, Florida.
    Abstracts from interested parties in any of the following areas
    are solicited:

    *Individual Device Testing
    *Comparative Device Testing
    *Comparisons of Spine Model Used in Testing
    *Failure Analyses from Device Testing
    *Device Retrieval Analyses
    *Comparisons of in Vitro Device Failures and Retrieved
    *Clinical Information relating to Device Performance and

    The members of Division III are developing standardized test
    methods to evaluate the numerous mechanical characteristics of the
    spinal implants and spinal systems. One such standard is a
    provisional standard PS-5-94, "Guide for Static and Dynamic Test
    Method for Spinal Implant Assembly in a Corpectomy Model."
    Another recently approved standard is F1582-95, "Definitions of
    Terms Relating to Spinal Implants."

    The next obvious step is to relate the results of standardized
    testing to the clinical experience, estimate the critical clinical
    loading parameters, and determine the most relevant mechanical
    testing characteristics. It is hoped that this ASTM workshop will
    act as a means of assessment of our current knowledge base,
    published standards, and draft standards and will encourage new
    standards activities.

    Please submit copies abstracts and/or papers by August 31, 1995 to
    Mark N. Melkerson, RE: ASTM Workshop 1996, FDA - Office of Device
    Evaluation, Mail Stop: HFZ-410, Room 330Q, 9200 Corporate Blvd.,
    Rockville, MD, 20850. If you have any questions, you may contact
    any of the co-chairpersons: Mark N. Melkerson, FDA/Office of
    Device Evaluation, at (301) 594-2036; John S. Kirkpatrick, M.D.,
    University of Alabama at Birmingham, (205) 934-5018; Jack M.
    Geiger, Ph.D., Electro-Biology, Inc., at (201) 299-9022 or James
    C. Bayley, M.D., (AAOS/BME Committee) University of Massachusetts
    (508) 856-2360.

    Please Note: We have not specified any limitations for the
    abstracts, other that it be written in English, to stress content
    not form, to allow for the presentation of preliminary work, and
    to allow for later publication in peer review journals.
    --Boundary (ID ANfnEhl9DcMX7ERW3MoZxg)--