Dear BIOMCH-L subscribers

Please would you help me. It would really be appreciated. I am doing
my Masters in biomedical engineering at the University of the
Witwatersrand (South Africa). I need to purchase a A/D and D/A board
for a IBM compatible PC. There is a card locally available for R2000
( $550 ) suitable for my application. Here are some specifications of
the card:

Company: Eagle Technology
Card: PC-30E
Speed: 1 MHz
Inputs: 16 (+- 10 Volts, 12 bits)
Outputs: 2 (+- 10 Volts, 12 bits)
Interrupts: Yes
DMA: Yes

Does anyone know of a similar card that costs less than $550. Boards
with A/D conversion only would also be considered. Please would
you e-mail me directly with the name of the company that makes
the card and the contact address or e-mail address.