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Re: POSITIVE work in cyclic motion

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  • Re: POSITIVE work in cyclic motion

    Dear subscribers,

    after spending an entire Sunday for writing my latest
    message, I feel it difficult not to react with dismay to some of Craig
    Nevin's statements. Craig didn't understand at all my point.
    He just repeated the same mistakes against which I wrote.

    Are there any other subscribers who want to defend Newton?
    I quit. I feel I have already done more than I should.

    Craig Nevin wrote:

    > The _water_ has not displaced but individual molecules
    >have. You therefore you have to consider whether the swimmer is doing
    >work on the homogeneous _water_ or on the water molecules! The work
    >done on the _water_ is zero because it has not displaced (except for
    >that splashed out of the pool, of course ;-). However, this IS
    >measureable as a displacement of the weight.

    The work done

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BY THE SWIMMER