I whole-heartedly agree with Dan Levine......

>Is there no room for debate on BIOMCH-L? Granted, some of us may not be
>terribly concerned about the issue of work in tethered swimming, but if we
>restrict commentary submissions to the original poster, we eliminate any
>opportunity for ongoing dialogue.

......and for learning and reaffirming knowledge.

It seems to me that there are quite a few biomechanists misunderstanding
some basic principles in Physics. I say 'basic' because these are principles
which are learned in 1st/2nd year Physics, however, when applied to complicated
human motions, such as tethered swimming, application of these 'basic' principles
can become less than trivial. I find this discussion refreshing (and a bit
scary to read some responses). If a subscriber does not care to join, actively
or passively, in the discussion, he/she can easily just delete the message
..assuming, of course, that the sender used an appropriate subject line, e.g.
Re: tethered swimming, Re: Summarizing work in cyclic....

Most sincerely,

Kathy Price
Biomotion Laboratory
Massachusetts General Hospital
Boston, MA 02114