Dear fellow subscribers and/or dissidents

As perhaps the instigator of the latest furore, I would like to
express my opinion. On a number of occasions I have replied directly
to the person posting the original message. I have only occasionally
seen my reply sumarised. This does not really surprise me (and I
take no offence) because what I have to say is often unconventional
or controversial. If the orginator does not understand or agree with
my views he/she can, and often does, ignore them completely.

But most subscribers follow the debates without active
particpation. If I had posted my ideas on WORK directly to the
orginator -- considering his public response -- do you REALLY
believe that it would have been included in his summary?

If a debate consists of simply restating the same or opposite view,
with a mildly different bias each time, why bother. On many
occasions I have been referred to "basic" textbooks to get my facts
right (or even Mr Spok). Unfortunately, textbooks usually contain
"well-proven" and "accepted" material. One should consider how these
"widely accepted" facts come into being; by prior exclusion of the
dissenting voices like mine. If that does not work you can always
ridicule my credentials... or remain narrow-minded... or suggest
that the debate belongs to THERMO-L....or ban me from the list... or
duke it out (which I agree should be done in private).

If 95% of subscribers were to automatically agree with my comments,
then I consider that I have wasted my time (and theirs). However, so
long as there is a SUBJECT HEADING and a fundamental basis of truth
in what I have said then I have wasted no-ones time except the
ignorant (i.e. those who choose to ignore or suppress). I stand by
what I say and am prepared to defend it.

Long Live Open Discussion!!!

P.S. If I get sufficient support, I may prepare a no-holds
barred critic of biomechanics as it has always been taught and
practised for the past hundred years....

Or -- as some will have it -- I could just shut-up and let you waste
years of your time.... now THAT is the real value of open debate.

Craig Nevin
Biomedical Engineer
Department of Physiology/Sports Science
University of Cape Town, South Africa