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    Dear Colleagues:

    OK, I've been outvoted!

    I agree that we need to preserve the option of dialog on this list.
    However, the discussion was starting to appear in the form of personal attacks
    rather than healthy dialog, hence I found it necessary to say something.
    Don't get me wrong, I am just as interested in work and energy discussions
    as anyone on this list. I didn't want to simply delete the postings
    before reading them. I wanted the tone to change and thought that a summary
    might help set the stage for a more intelligent discussion.

    Remember, when you are contemplating a reply to a biomch-l posting, please
    communicate with the person (directly or through the entire list if
    appropriate) in a professional manner, as if you were making comments to or
    asking questions of a presenter at a professional meeting..

    (As Herman always used to say): With warm regards,


    | Richard N. Hinrichs, Ph.D. | email: Hinrichs@ASU.EDU |
    | Associate Professor | or Hinrichs@ESPE1.LA.ASU.EDU |
    | Dept. of Exercise Science & PE | or atrnh@ACVAX.INRE.ASU.EDU |
    | Arizona State University | Phone: (602) 965-1624 |
    | Tempe, AZ 85287-0404 USA | FAX: (602) 965-8108 |