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Tissue Banking Conference

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  • Tissue Banking Conference


    Berlin, Germany, 24 - 26 October 1991

    Scientific Committee: G. Matthes, R. von Versen (Germany, chairpersons);
    members from Sweden, USA, Belgium, The Netherlands,
    Denmark, Germany, Poland, France, Austria, and Greece.

    Scientific Secretariat:
    MR R. von Versen
    Institute for Transfusiology and Transplantology
    Dept. German Central Tissue Bank (NB: 35 years old)
    Medical Faculty (Charite')
    Humboldt University of Berlin
    Schumannstrasse 20/21
    D-1040 BERLIN
    Federal Republic of Germany
    Tel.: +37(2)286 6274
    FAX +37(2)286 6161

    Conference Secretariat:
    Congress Service Charite' GmbH
    Schumannstrasse 20/21
    D-1040 BERLIN
    Federal Republic of Germany
    Tel.: +37(2)286 5766/4876
    FAX +37(2)286 4000

    The conference will include keynote addresses, oral and poster presentations
    of original research and clinical experiences, and trade exhibitions.

    Scientific Programme:
    - legal and ethical aspects of organ and tissue transplantation
    - international standardization and quality control of bone, skin,
    eye and tissue banking
    - experimental investigations on biological, biochemical and
    biomechanical properties of tissue grafts
    - experiences in clinical application of tissue grafts (bone, cancellous
    bone, demineralized bone matrix, tendon, ligament, fascia lata, dura
    mater, skin, collagen, cornea etc.)

    Fields of interest:
    - administration of justice
    - bone, skin, eye and tissue banking
    - technology
    - orthopaedics
    - traumatology
    - vascular and cardiovascular surgery
    - dentistry and maxillo-facial surgery
    - neurosurgery
    - gynaecology
    - other fields of transplantology and implantology

    Special sessions will be dedicated to Biomechanics (graft related and
    clinical aspects), and osteogenesis (bone healing, osteoinduction, growth
    factors, etc.). One session will be organized by the European Group for
    Osteogenesis and Bone Replacement.

    The Proceedings consisting of long abstracts will be available in bound form
    at the time of the Conference.

    Medical Faculty (Charite'), Humboldt University Berlin near the "Museum
    Island" and the picturesque centre of the city, the former East Berlin.

    Official Language: English

    A Social Programmme will be provided, including:
    - Get together party (not for students)
    - Congress banquet ( ,, ,, ,, )
    - Luncheon and coffees

    - Call for Papers 15 March 1991
    - Abstracts submission deadline 31 May 1991
    - Reduced registration deadline 1 September 1991
    - Conference time 24-26 October 1991

    Registration Fees:
    - Before 1 September 1991 DM 350 (Students DM 130)
    - After 1 September 1991 DM 400 (Students DM 180)
    - Accompanying persons DM 120

    Further details (Final Announcement, Abstract Forms) can be obtained from
    Congress Service Charite' identified above.

    Editorial Note: regretfully, telephone/facsimile connections with
    former East Germany can be difficult at times.