Dear Biomechanists,

If you had the chance to design your biomechanics laboratory from the ground
up what specifications would you supply to the architect? The laboratory is
to be used for sport, rehab, and occupational biomechanics.

What feature would you most like in your biomechanics lab that you don't

What is the best feature of your lab that you would always
want to make sure it was included in any new lab design?

Say you were allowed a space of 18 by 12 metres plus other rooms for
technical officer, storage and subject preparation what other requirements
would you state? Would you go for a bigger space? (We can't afford a full
sized indoor running track!)

Floor materials, surface finish, provision for force platforms etc.?
Ceiling height?
Running track through the lab (how many metres before and after the force
Camera mountings?

etc. etc.

As you may have guessed we are embarking on this process at the moment.
I will collate the replies and post on the board.

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