Here is a "summary" of the response to my posting:

> I may be able to shed some light on one of the two companies you are
> looking for. W.P Instruments in New Haven, Conneticut is probably World
> Precision Instruments Inc. or WPI. These are now based in Sarasota,
> Florida, and also have a UK office, based in Stevenage, I think.

> Andrew Brammall,
> Summit Medical and Scientific
> compuserve 100676,3440

Andrew Brammall was correct on all counts - thank you very much. For those
of us in the U.K. the local outlet is:

World Precision Instruments (UK) Ltd.
Astonbury Farm Business Centre,
Hertfordshire SG2 7EG

Tel: 01438 880025
FAX: 01438 880026

The device concerned is a 900A Micropressure System and costs 6,766 pounds
(ex. VAT etc).

Thank you again Andrew.


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